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  • H4 Conversion in progress

    My spouse i94 and L2 visa expired on April-2016, we applied for L2 extension in Feb-2106 along with my L1B extension. I received RFE for my L1B in Sep-2016 and my company will be responding to the RFE in 2 weeks from now. My company told that they will be requesting the extension of L1B to be effective only till 30-Sep-2016 as my L to H conversion got picked in lottery and got approved with I797A with I-94 valid from 01-Oct-2016 to 30-Sep-2017.
    In the month of September, L2 to H4 was applied and we have the receipt with status as "Case was Received". Both her L2 extension and H4 conversion are in the same status.
    What will happen if she travel out of the country now?
    Can she get H4 from India as i have my H1B approved?
    What will happen to the days stayed from April till the date she leaves USA as her i-94 and L2 expired on April-2016?