Dear Forum Members,

I booked H1B visa appointment with Spouse in Nov 2nd Week. I have few clarifications and advice on the below questions would be helpful for me to take right decisions.

In the DS160 forum which I submitted for Visa Appointment holds the petition number which has validity till 2017 and during the appointment process my employer filled for the amendment for the change in client.

Question I have is :

The date I submitted my DS160 was Aug 17 and Aug 30th my amended petition was approved but it came to my notice today by my employer and they advised me to change the DS160 forum to capture the amended recipient number (old one is not matching with new one) and carry the same for bio-metric..

Could someone help me with the giving your opinion on this regard.

Additionally, in the amended petition I-129 form Wages is 79 K where in LCA 69 K.. If I plan to get new DS160, shall I change the wage information also? in the old one I gave the LCA/12.

Any pointers or information on above would be helpful.