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H1B Visa Approved but online status shows Administrative Processing

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  • I am also having same situation, Visa was approved and since then no update.

    Interview date : June 18
    CEAC site : Admin processing
    Next day : Passport status Passport is still with consulate
    June 24 : Document delivery blank
    July 8 : No status update for passport number entered
    CEAC site : Still admin processing
    No other communications from consulate. Kindly help me get an estimate as how much time it may take.

    I already cancelled my return flight .I was supposed to join this Thursday. I called support desk and mails giving me no further details. Having my apartment car belongings etc in US and have to pay rent. Kindly suggest any inputs as what I can do. Reading through threads here is scaring me off. I am not sure if my client will allow remote work also.


    • We are in the same situation since 24June. Please where did you apply


      • There is no case update date also for mine njvisa2019


        • njvisa2019 any update for you ? Was any documents requested or any communications?


          • Noor2018 we attended at Chennai, it’s 16th day and no updates yet. I think it’s due to procedure delays as since in US it’s school holidays many cases will be there who visited India and old 2019 cap backlogs. As mine was approved from US that’s the only thing I can guess as here also officer approved. But since there is no communication we can only guess. My employer and client doesn’t seem to have been contacted either as I cancelled my return flight I informed them about my situation. Only thing I can do is wait. Hope it comes this week or next max.


            • I got my passport stamped finally after invited for interview again. They asked few background questions about my previous visit to US and other countries if any.
              Here is recap of my case.

              OFC appointment: 12 June 2019
              Interview Date: 13 June 2019 -- VO said visa is approved
              1st date update: 13 June 2019
              2nd date update: 18 June 2019
              3rd date update: 25 June 2019.
              4th date update: 27 June 2019.

              Got the blank passport back on 2nd July with 221g green slip asking to come again for interview with my old passport.

              I went again on 5th July and it was approved again after few questions about previous visits to any countries. No project/employer/client related questions were asked.
              I got my stamped passport on 9th July.

              My advise is whoever had gotten their Visa approved during interview should get the stamped one - no need to panic. Nowadays consulates are having high traffic due to vacation and F1 visas rush so PP are getting delayed. Mine was Mumbai.


              • imran9876 Thanks for your response , just worried as there is no date updated in my case for last 16 days in CEAC site. Hope it’s general delay and thinking positive as it will be cleared soon.


                • My status changed to Issued on July 16. Took 19 business days . So whoever have their case approved during interview but status as admin processing should get their passport soon.


                  • My brother received 221G and was asked to submit documents, the employer provided all the documents that was marked on the blueslip on March 12, 2019. On June 5th, we received an email from uscis requesting to submit the passport we were so happy that everything went fine with 221G but the shock came when we went to collect the passport after 10 days. They did not stamp the visa on the passport instead they gave one more form mentioning that "visa is refused for administrative processing and will be reconsidered when administrative processing is complete". Since feb11, 2019 (us consulate interview date) the status on the site is "administrative processing".


                    • stuckhere

                      Any update on your case. I also have same case as yours. No updates for past 135 days and no update on Case Status Date.


                      • @krishnababi3
                        My status is also "Refused" since the 5th of December, 2019 (date of my interview). The VO had said that my visa is approved but now it all looks bleak to me. My husband's visa was approved the same day and his got changed to "Issued" today. I called the US Embassy in Mumbai and also emailed them. I got a response that my visa application is in administrative processing. I do not know if that is a generic response or not.

                        Looking at your application, it looks it it took > a month.

                        Can you give me an idea of what happened afterwards in your case?

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                        • My wife received 221g in Mumbai 12/30 on her H4. It was her 3rd stamping on same location and first time under drop box. Last 2 went fine but this time she got 221g. My extension is approved and she used the same for drop box.

                          In her case she got her h1b approved in USA but COS was not approved and required councilor access but same has been expired in early Dec 2019, also she went to India for a emergency while her H4 extension was undergoing. As I am aware and got confirmation from company that any extension will go invalid while travelling out of USA and there are no requirement to withdraw h4 under process in such cases. Also H1 B approval went invalid because it never became active.

                          Not sure why she received 221g ... but she went for interview with "passport only" as requested in 221g on 3/1/2020.

                          Fortunately just after 3 questions only, VCO felt all is good and she approved her Visa and took her passport for stamping.

                          Amazingly just after 1 hours of stamping we are seeing status as refused on CEAC website. We have not received any emails or any other instructions for on next steps or for picking up the passport.

                          In my whole experience I never heard such strange thing happening before. Requesting you to please suggest and share your thoughts here.


                          • Visa Type: H1B (F1 -> H1B)
                            OFC appointment: 22nd Dec 2019
                            Interview Date: 23 Dec 2019 -- VO said visa is approved

                            CEAC: Admin Processing (last updated on 23rd December)
                            CGI Federal Secure: Document Delivery Information (updated on 3rd Jan 2020)
                            UsTravelDoc: There is no status update available for the passport number submitted
                            Passportstatus email: There is no status update available for the passport number submitted

                            Please update if anyone is facing or did face a similar problem!


                            • Same Situation here.

                              Interview date: 14 Jan 2020 - Visa Approved. No slip given.
                              Since then Admin processing.
                              Sent email couple of times to the embassy. Finally received standard response that case refused under 221(g).
                              Last status update 29 Jan 2020, which was on the date received the 221(g) email response to my inquiry.
                              Waiting since then.