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Visa Stamping experience after elections

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  • Visa Stamping experience after elections

    I would like to hear user's experience who went for stamping after Nov Elections. This will be helpful for others who will be attending the visa stamping in US consulate in India.

    Keep hearing mixed results. Chennai consulate issuing 221g for few and goes to Administrative processing.

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    Nothing has changed. It's business as usual. My friend attended interview yesterday and i am attending today. Will update the thread once i finish ..


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      Visa stamping in Chennai is a mixed bag. I finished my interview today and my visa was approved. Four candidates before me - L1 (denied), L1 (approved but white 221g), H1B (approved but white 221g) and H1B(approved).

      Confidence and interview preparation is key. Candidates whose visa was rejected/221g was due to lack of confidence when answering questions. They were basically unprepared for standard questions ...

      1. Where do you work ?
      2. Is that client location or your employer's location ?
      3. Why client location ?
      4. Where did you study Masters or Bachelors ?
      5. Your H1B visa was approved on Oct 2015, but you have just now come for visa stamping. Why did you apply and not travel last year ?

      Some questions are unique to the person's situation and they should prepare for it. I overheard one question ...

      VO: This is your second H1B extension. Why did you not get your first H1B extension stamped ?
      Candidate : Sir, usually i travel to India once a year to visit my family. But in the last three years my family members were able to visit me once a year. Hence there was no need for travel.
      VO: Why did they travel ?
      Candidate : Basically they were trying to convince me to get married :-) and were following up on that every year by travelling there and applying pressure.
      VO: (Started laughing) .. and did that work ?
      Candidate : Yes sir. My engagement is on Dec 7th.
      VO: Congrats. Your visa has been approved.

      This dude basically nullified the question by making it a jovial conversation !!! Well done ... unfortunately i didn't catch his name.