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  • H4 Visa / H1B Visa

    Hi All,

    I am new to the forum. Wanted all the expert advise if anyone can help me out. My wife just left went to India. Her H4 visa stamping interview is next week. We both have approved I-140. She came into this country as F1 and did masters and then she was H4 for sometime when my son was little. I am an accountant working in a food import company. My H1b was from 2009 till 2015. Due to labor getting approved late, I was in F2 for few months and then again my H1b got approved.

    Ques 1 - What questions they will ask my wife tentatively ? What are the chances for her visa stamping ?
    Ques 2 - Based on her stamping I am planning to go for stamping. I took my interview date 2 weeks from now but not decided yet to go or not. What are my chances ? Both my H1b previous and new employer is same.

    Appreciate all your help.