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Pls need advice - applying from UK

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  • Pls need advice - applying from UK

    Hi all,
    I am quite confused, hope to get some good advice from you all.

    I finished my Masters in computer science from the UK and graduated in 2005.
    Before that i have a Bachelors in Computer science aswell.
    I had worked as a Software Development Trainee for 1 year during my bachelors in india, i have the certificate for that. During the 2 years of my Masters in UK, i had worked part time in computers and after that i had worked for 6 months as a System Analyst for another company in the UK and at the moment i have no job as i left it at the end of Feb this year.
    I have experience letters for these 3 jobs.... i was concerned that would the Visa Officer wud say that i dont have enough IT experience, or i came to UK as a student therefore i cant apply or i have to go to India to apply???

    pls if someone can feed me on this,