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Common Voice again time span on AAP

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  • Common Voice again time span on AAP

    Hi AAP Guys,
    I went to chennai for H1 stamping in jan 2006 , got 221G. Again went with required docs, got 221G again. Went for the third time in March with all required and absolutely genuine docs, got AAP.
    After going thru various discussion forums, i realized that there is no time span for AAP decision it may be from 1 week to 1 year. I feel there are many other people in same situation as of mine.
    Mental agaony and undecisiveness that one undergoes is beyound expression. There are so many decisions pending just because of this AAP, like kids admission to school, change of job, filing another petion etc.
    How do you guys think we can all unite and raise a voice against unlimited time on AAP. There should be some time frame with in which decision should be made!!!!

    Lets decide some strategy and do somthing about it , if possible.

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    Raises my Hand and fully Agrees with U PAN.

    I submitted my documents on Jan 4th 2006 and still waiting.
    No time limited for Administrative Processing. somewhere I read it as 1 month but differ from case to case. its almost nearly 3 months and reply from Chennai Consulate is its still under processing.

    God knows when that processing completes.


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      hi pan,
      iam also in same situation.i went for h4 stamping they gived 221(g)aap.everything is clear and jenune, i don't understand why they kept hold.till now 4 months over.no reply from them.what is the timeframe for this aap.really waiting unknownly like this is fruastating.is really they call back after processing has been completed.