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H4 Documents submitted through Dropbox, status on CEAC site shows 'Admin Processing'

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  • H4 Documents submitted through Dropbox, status on CEAC site shows 'Admin Processing'

    My and wife and daughter submitted their passports as part of the Dropbox (Interview Waiver) , for H4 stamping. The documents were submitted on Wednesday 12/28 at Chennai . This was how the status on CEAC visa status website was updated
    12/29 - Ready for Processing
    12/30 - Administrative Processing

    Is this Administrative processing part of the usual work flow for Dropbox applications, where the visa usually get stamped in 3-4 business days.

    Or this 'Administrative Processing' similar to the 221G slip that is given in some cases during Visa interviews, that take several weeks of months.

    I am really concerned about my wife's and daughter's H4 stamping, and want to know if this status is just a usual workflow

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    Visa Issued

    It looks like 'Admin Processing' status on the dropbox application was just a workflow status.
    In my case here is how the status flowed
    12/30 - CEAC status 'Admin Processing' ; Passport tracking status - Passport is with US Embassy/Consulate
    12/31, 1/1 and 1/2 were Embassy Holidays
    1/3 - CEAC status changed to 'Issued' around 11AM IST
    1/3 -Passport Tracking status changed to 'Passport has been received from Consulate section' around 1PM IST
    1/3 - Passport Tracking status changed to 'Passport ready for pickup' around 3PM IST

    So indeed, the 'Admin Processing' status show on the CEAC site was just a workflow, probably because the Embassy had picked it up for stamping.
    But it did indeed give us a weekend of sleepless nights.