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H1B Visa renewal/ stamping - dropbox eligibility

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  • H1B Visa renewal/ stamping - dropbox eligibility

    I have a few questions about using the dropbox facility. I am currently residing in the US and plan to use the dropbox facility in Bangalore when I am in Bangalore ( tentative dates 3/3 to 3/11).

    1) I will fill up the DS-160 form to secure the appointment. I had just created one with Montreal as the VISA appointment location, but since I plan to change it to dropbox in Bangalore, can I use the same DS-160 or should I submit a new one?

    2) When should I complete the application for the dropbox? Is it OK to complete it now(2nd week of Jan 2017), pay the fees etc and do the dropoff in the 1st week of March in Bangalore?

    3) on eligibility front, I think I am good, but if something jumps out, please point it out
    I have a H1b approved document with my current employer. I am in the US and working with them.

    My previous H1B expired on 05/06/2016. My Visa on passport was also stamped for expiry with 05/06/2016

    I had a Advanced parole document and the H1B was extended. My current H1b expires on 05/06/2017. My advanced parole expired on 1/31/2017.

    Since I am with the same employer and have the H1B extended, can I use the dropbox facility in Bangalore? I have been staying and working in US but had not left the country. But now need to and have to get my visa stamped.

    I remember being finger printed etc as well during my last visa appointment in Delhi. Just want to confirm
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