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appointment for my fiance (H4) without marriage certificate

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  • appointment for my fiance (H4) without marriage certificate


    I wish to know whether I can be allowed to book appointment in Chennai consulate for my present-fiance depedent (H4) visa without marriage certificate (The fact is we are going to get married in May). I got my H1B stamped in feb.

    What would be the implications,since

    1. Her passport still says she is single and mine too.
    2. Her passport would have her paternal family name.
    3. The DD in HDFC Bank would have her name with her father's last name.
    4. By the time she attends interview,there is a possibility of her passport details getting changed - maritorial status and her surname changes etc.,

    I'm actually hurrying up because we wish to travel together and cannot wait till May ,the consulate appointment dates would have changed/delayed further.

    It would of great help if some body elaborates their suggestion/experience.

    Thanks in advance,
    Deen D

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    If not married, H4 visa is not an option.