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What happens to H4 when H1 transferred?

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  • What happens to H4 when H1 transferred?

    I am getting an H1 transferred to the new employer (say company A). I have three quick questions regarding this:

    1. What happens to my spouse's H4? Do I also need to file for her H4 transfer explicitly through the company or will it automatically be done along with my H1 transfer?

    2. A different company (say company B) is willing to sponsor an H1 for my wife, which they will be doing April 4th-5th 2006 after the quota for next year opens. My H1 transfer is being filed right now (March 30-31st 2006). Can I ask "A" to file my wife's H4 for now and then later have "B" file for her H1 after a week or so? Can there be two applications at the same time for her visa - one for H4 and another for transfer from H4 to H1?

    3. Is it safe for me to start working for "A" when the H1 has been filed (recieved by INS) but we have not yet received the receipt notice? Can this cause a problem later on while processing the green card?

    I would appreciates any replies from you.