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L1B+H1B 6 years expiring and Labor is filed

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  • L1B+H1B 6 years expiring and Labor is filed

    Hi Friends,

    My H1B is expiring on 3rd May 2017 and I have only 1 month to recapture so it can be extended till 1st Jun 2017. My PERM will be filing in a day or 2.

    What all options do I have?

    Shall I visit to India for a month or so? Or Wait till the 1st May 2017 and apply for an extension to at least get it till 1st Jun 2017. Or Wait till the 30th April 2017 and fly back to Inda and wait until I140 approved and then file for an extension.

    Say if Visa is expired on 3rd May 2017, can I still get an extension from India if it is filed post 3rd May 2017?

    Waiting for some expert comments.

    Arpit Trivedi