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2 H1-B Applications (Need Help Urgent)

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  • 2 H1-B Applications (Need Help Urgent)

    I got offer from company A for H1-B, I signed the contract and provided a bank-guarantee as well to compensate the expenses if I fail to join. Now I got offer from company-B for H1-B, both offer letters have a clause that I will only work for them and won't file any other H1-B application, otherwise I have to pay the spent money to the company. (Remember I already provided a handsome bank-guarantee to company A).

    I don't mind in paying the processing/filing fees etc. to one company (as stated by each company if I reject their offer), since at the end I have to join only one.

    1- Now my question is that is it legal to file multiple petitions for H1-B?

    2- if yes, then doing so have any side-effects, consequences etc.?

    3- Does the processing of one petition is dependent on the other?

    4- Is it possible that I get an approval for one, while the otherone is still in the process?

    5- When filing applications, Do the employers need to attach Offer Letter/Contract with the petition?