My work location changed from one State to another. Since I can start to work at the new address as long as the amendment is submitted (without extension request), so my employer and I took a risk to file it without a lawyer. We did get a REF but it could be avoided because we didn't submit the proof of new address at the beginning (we didn't know what to submit). Here I am to share and wish good luck to all H1B holders.

Day 1: Submitted I-129 to LCA for new location Prevailing Wage
Day 4: Got LCA certified in 1 business day (Submitted Friday, Approved Monday)
Day 105: received REF for proof of new location
Day 106: Submitted the following documents next day
Day 168: Approval notice

Below is the proof of new address I provided:
- Article of Incorporation filed with new State
- Current online entity search at the official website of Department of State
- Office lease that is signed and dated by the company and the leaser
- A letter from IRS at new address (payroll filing notice or any kind)
- Most recent State quarterly wage report
- 3 invoices/billing statements at new address