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File another H1B with approved H1B not used

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  • File another H1B with approved H1B not used

    I’m working with Employer A and filed for H1B through Employer B and got approved on last year around Jan 10th and got the detail around end of the Month from my employer B, After communicating about my H1B with employer A through Employer B went for some conversation and finally I decided to stay with Employer A for some more time and while discussing the option with Employer A, his attorney communicated me to go out of country and come back with L1B to reactivate as my employer B filed H1B with change of status and I’m not aware on it.

    So I went out and came back and been in the non-paid vacation for two weeks with my employer A during my travel period as per my attorney suggested , because my status is in H1B and not in L1B.

    Now my Employer A willing to file H1B this year through caption and also to file my L1B extension as its getting expired by July 31st.Is it the right thing to file another H1B through employer A while another H1B petition with Employer B is still there and they haven’t revoked it seems. Is there chance reject/refuse of L1B and H1B in case I got selected through lottery by Employer A because I still have an approved petition filed by employer B and not even got stamping for H1B.

    Need your insight to accept my Employer A option else to join Employer B with approved petition. To join Employer B how long will it take now as my current status in L1B and need to file an amendment to activate my H1B, else can wait to know the status of Employer A L1B extension and H1B lottery pick because my Employer B is an H1B dependent and my Salary filed with LCA is less than 100K, where as employer A is an full time employee and an reputed US organization with more than 100K salary.