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H1B transfer without H1B extension approval notice.

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  • H1B transfer without H1B extension approval notice.


    I came to USA on H4 visa in Apr'2013, I got my H1B approved with consular process through employer A in Sept'2014 (my status was not changed so I kept on H4 status). I did not go out of USA and did not get my H1B stamped.

    I searched a new job and new employer B filed my H1B and it was approved with change of status, My H1B was valid for only 1 year (Aug'2015 to Aug'2016), my employer B field my H1B extension with amendment in Apr'2016. I was on H1B status from Aug'2015 to Oct'2016.

    I went to India after resigning my job and came back to USA on H4 visa in Nov'2016. My H1b extension approval did not come till I left USA. My H1B extesion got approved in Jan'2017. I found a job with employer C now. Can my employer file my H1B transfer even if I do not have H1B extension approval notice (employer B is denying t provide me copy of H1B extension approval as I no longer with them). I can provide receipt notice of my H1B extension.

    Thanks & regards,