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Green card holder with business employing brother from UK?

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  • Green card holder with business employing brother from UK?

    Hi guys,

    I'm a GC holder, came in via K1 Visa in April 2016.
    Set up an LLC a month ago with a buddy of mine - we are 50/50, he is Founder at CEO and I am Founder and CTO. He manages the business, I manage the tech and products. We are a digital agency who do web design, development, web apps, marketing etc etc etc etc. My brother is back in England, obviously a citizen of GB... we worked at a company together for 5 years where he sold the web software that I built. I want him to do it again, but for my business.

    Can I legally employ him as, say - VP of Business Development or Business Development Manager - and bring him in to the country on a working visa? He would be living with my wife and I, until he earns money and can get his own place - but essentially, we just need to know if it would be legal for me to do that.

    He's wanted to live here for years, we both have, and he travels here once every 4-6 months for a couple weeks - so we're trying to figure out the best way for him to move over here.

    Thanks for any help/advice!