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H1 renewal - 221G issued- COS to H4

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  • H1 renewal - 221G issued- COS to H4

    Here is my situation--need Help

    completed 5 years on H1.Came to India for visit and went for visa stamping.VO officer issued 221g and its been 55 days.
    On Feb 1st due to budget issues, the project I am working was stopped and client rolled off me from the project.I submitted the client letter on Jan 6th from this client.Seems that around Feb 17th USCIS contacted the client regarding the client verification and Client gave them the actual sitaution.
    So i feel that my client verification failed.I do not see any update on my 221G after feb17th and haven't received any emails.

    Now I am not sure what will happen with my H1.When will I get a status update.
    Can I now change to H4 as my spouse is on H1 and is currently in US.
    While this H1 221G is pending ,can I get my H4 stamped to travel to US and once the 221g is finalised change to H1.
    Will I need to Revoke my H1 for H4??