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H1-b noir after transfer to a new employer

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  • H1-b noir after transfer to a new employer

    Employer X filed my H1b last year and it was approved after RFE in Aug 2016. I worked for them on H1b from Oct 1 till Dec 20th of 2016. I resigned and joined a new employer Y from Jan 3 2017 onwards. My H1b transfer was approved (premium) without any issues.

    Yesterday, I recieved a notification from USCIS stating an intent to revoke my old H1b tied to employer X.

    My new employer Y is saying it should impact my current visa and I don't have to take any action.

    My worry here is what if my old employer fails to respond to NOIR and my old H1B gets revoked. Will this impact my current H1B.

    Mine is a unique case and I am not able to find a solution. Please help guys!