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H1b and I94

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  • H1b and I94

    I am working for company A and applied for extension n got approval effective from April 15, 2017 to 2020,I am planing to go for visa stamping in April 1st week with Company A I797 . Meanwhile I am applying for H1 transfer with start date as May 1st,2017(it is in still LCA process and assuming it will be approved in a week or two with Premium processing).
    1. After coming back from Visa stamping, I will quit Company A and will join Company B on May 1st. will it be a issue on I94?
    2. if it is issue, how to handle I94 in this scenario, can we amend I94 part? how long to get amended I94?
    3. Do i need to join Company B only after Amend I94?
    4. DO i need to go out of US and come back with COmpany B's I797 and Company A's visa stamping?
    5. what is the best process?
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    BASiCALLY I am looking to get stamped with Company A (good company), Travel with Company A papers and resign after coming back, work for notice period . And Switch to Company B . I can do H1 transfer after coming back from H1 Stamping . But they are stopping premium process which i can risk in regular process. So I want to complete H1 transfer before i go for Stamping . the BIG QUESTION is I94 . what happens to it when i come on Company A papers ? and When i Switch to Company B
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    please suggest

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    Any one has any idea on this? please share