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2 petitions - one with 122g and the other awaiting Approval

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  • 2 petitions - one with 122g and the other awaiting Approval

    Dear All,

    Have seen all sorts of cases with different resolutions on this site, hope to get some peace of mind here... please help.

    Have applied for H1b from 2 different employers. Both got picked up in the lottery. Both received RFEs. The approval for one came through and the other one is still awaited within next 2 weeks. In the mean while appeared for the interview at the Mumbai consulate for the approved one and was issued a 122g (white slip), they've asked for additional document in the email by the petitioner, (the consul officer didn't check the documents though I told her that I had them on me right now.). Additional documents asked are Client letter and details of the project. so few questions here.
    1) would the other petition that gets an approval for further process, will it get affected because the other one receiving 122g?
    2) In the column in the DS160, where they ask if any visa is rejected/refused earlier, should I tick 'yes' or 'no'?
    3) What are the chances/odds/possibility of a 122g case getting an approval (historically speaking)?

    Thanks in anticipation.