From 2009-2011, I was in the US through Fulbright scholarship for doing a Masters. In 2011, I went back to my home country. Then, in 2015 I came to the US again for doing a second Masters on my own while being on F-1 Visa. I'm graduating from this program this May, and a US company now wants to sponsor me for H-1B Visa. The lawyers at the company responsible for preparing all my documentation have asked me to provide them with any previous DS-2019s that I have. Unfortunately I only have a photocopy of the very *first* DS-2019 that was issued to me back in 2009. I know there was at least a second DS-2019 issued to me (and maybe a third too) of which I do NOT have a photocopy. Will this create a problem for my H-1B application ?