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Question on H1B Amendment RFE and H1B Transfer

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  • Question on H1B Amendment RFE and H1B Transfer

    Hi All,

    Here goes my story. Any advise or suggestions will be deeply appreciated.

    I got my H1B in Oct 2015 with Employer A. I started working for client A. In Nov 2016 I switched my end clients from A to B working for the same Employer A and they filed for Amendment when I started working for client B. I switched my clients again from B to C in Feb 2017 but at that time I had not received any decision on the Amendment petition for client B. I received an RFE (Right to control) in mid March for the amendment petition for client C and have to respond by June 2017. My employer A says since you do not work at Client B anymore we don't have to respond to the RFE and we will just withdraw the Amendment petition filed for client B. Does this affect my H1B status at all if we withdraw the Amendment petition? I also have an offer in hand from another employer B who wants to transfer my H1B to them. If employer B files for H1B transfer what are the chances to get an RFE or a denial just because we have not responded to the amendment RFE received by Employer A.

    Again, for any comments I thank you very much.

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