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Travel to India in H1-B with Dubai Stopover

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  • Travel to India in H1-B with Dubai Stopover

    Hello Guys !

    I have plans to travel to India in the month of May 2017 from Atlanta. I am currently in USA in H1-B visa which is valid till August 2018 from current employer. I am travelling to India via Dubai through Emirates. While going to India I am planning to take a stopover for 3 days in Dubai (using UAE 96-hour transit visa facility) for some sightseeing and shopping . After that I am continuing towards my destination in India . I will be coming back to USA again in first week of June and my family (spouse + kid) will be coming back in end of june . My concern is because of all current US travel ban confusion and other situations will it be problem for us while entering USA back ? I mean because we will have Dubai Immigration stamps in our passport and because of our visit to Dubai will there be any supposed issue in our return back to USA ?

    If someone has done similar kind of travel or can provide some insights on this , it will be great