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visa fee payment for H4 visa

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  • visa fee payment for H4 visa

    I need clarification regarding VISA fee payment. In 2015, My brother in law, sister and Nephew got visas. But only my brother in law flew to US on H1B visa and my sister and nephew didn't make it due to some reasons. The visas approved for 2 years then. The visas were expired on 1st April 2017. But my brother in law got extension of his H1B now currently he is in US. The Problem is when I am trying to fill the DS160 for my sister and nephew for fresh visas, I am unable to get fee receipt for payment of visa fee for these two persons. When I am trying to pay fee with Profile log in, My brother in law's details are showing, which were previously entered. I have to compulsorily pay the fee through my brother in law's profile. Now only my sister and nephew will attend the VISA process. how to pay VISA fee only to these two persons?