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  • Visa Renewal

    Hi All,

    Kindly help me with this. Im in crisis.
    I have valid H1b stamped Visa till jun 15 2017 and I have filed for my visa extension on feb 2017 while in USA
    I have to travel to India on april 6 due to emergency reasons.
    While I'm in India my extension petition was approved (just today it was approved, april 22).Its approved from jun 15 2017 to jun 14 2019
    I'm flying back in 2 days i didnt expect my petition to be approved while im in India so didnt made any plans for stamping.
    Now my question is can i travel back to USA as planned without getting stamping for this new i797 or i need to go for stamping.
    I repeat I have valid stamped visa till jun 15 2017 (Im flying back in 2 days).
    Please need your advice.