Hi all,

Here is my scenario, please advice.
Me (H1B) and my wife ( H4) applied for extension last year. My H1B extension got approved but my wife's H4 case status is still showing as "Case transferred .....and Pending...". During this period, We moved to a new address and added mail forwarding.

After multiple inquiries, Finally through congressman's help we got to know that
"USCIS records show that this case was approved on 06/15/2016 and the approved notice was sent to the address on file. The approval notice has not been returned to USCIS as undeliverable. Therefore, we will not be able to request a duplicate approval notice to be sent to the applicant address. The applicant should check with their local Post Office for undeliverable mail."

- the website was never update and site is still showing as pending.
- Cannot find copy in local post office.
- Attorney got the receipt copy so he should get the approval

------Attorney's advice is either file I-824 or go for Stamping. Current I-824 process is near to 1 year. So his advice is for stamping.

My question

- Do we both need to go for stamping or Can I send only my wife for Stamping ?