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F1 stem h1b approved change of address

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  • F1 stem h1b approved change of address


    I am currently on F1 Stem and my H1-B has been approved a month ago with a start date of 9/1/2017. On Friday, I have moved to a new place and immediately let the people at my school know that I have moved. Then I let my current employer (also H1-B sponsor) know that I have moved. They told me to file the AR-11 form. First of all is it necessary? If so what should I choose as my status Student or H1B? While filing for H1B we have put the mailing address in care of with the international personel at my employer so while filing the AR-11 shall I fill the in care of field?

    Another question I have filed I539 for my wife together with my I129. Does the approval of mine means her COS is approved as well? Since all the correspondence goes to my employer I have no clue what happened except the approval of my I129. Thanks