Here is my background:
I am currently on L1-A visa and working for company A with max length period of stay(7years) in USA ends on 25th August 2017(Visa expiry and I94 has the same date).
My Wife’s H-1 B has been picked up in current H1 Cap with approved I-140 and working for company B. She is currently working on L2-EAD with the same company B and L2 EAD will expire on 29th Aug 2017.
1) Do I need to leave the county on 29th Aug 2017 and come back on H4 Visa stamping after 1st Oct 2017?
2) Can I apply for H4 + EAD once we receive the H1 approval petition( we may expect sometime in June/July) without leaving the country?
3) Can My wife stay in USA after her L2 VISA and I94 completing on 25th Aug 2017 since H1 can be enabled from 1st October?
4) Can she work after her L2-EAD expires on 25th Aug 2017 till her H1 enables on 1st Oct 2017?

Thanks and appreciate for your help,