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travel to india while after H1 Transfer receipt

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  • travel to india while after H1 Transfer receipt

    Guys i need insight on travel to india while you have H1b Transfer receipt in hand.
    my question is
    is it valid to travel outside of US with the visa validity till jun-2018 (with current employer) and applying transfer with new employer.?
    01/16/2020: Posted concurrent Package to Chicago LB from Dallas
    01/21/2020: priority date
    02/01/2020: received I-130 | I-131 | I-756 hard copy receipts
    02/21/2020: Biometric Appointment
    02/25/2020: Fingerprints taken UPDATE for i-765 & i-485
    07/10/2020:i-693 courtesy notice (all 3 same day)
    07/10/2020:New Card is being Produced (i-765)
    07/10/2020:Case is scheduled for an Interview (i-485)
    07/16/2020:-797 copies for i-765 & i-131