My H1b got approved from Dec 2016 to Dec 2017
From the time till date they are not running my paystubs?
As they are not running my paystubs, what is my status now am I out of status?
if I am out of status what should I need to do?
if I am out of status can I file H1b to H4 transfer?
I have asked my employer to revoke my H1B, due to my daughter, is having a very rare syndrome I need to take of her she needs special medical attention.
I have got confirmation from the employer that they have sent Email asking to revoke.
In how many days my H1Bb will be revoked and my status will be changed?
Within how many days I need to file h4 transfer?
within how many days I will get receipt no?
if I don't get receipt number within the grace period of the H1B revoking grace period, what will happen?
when should I go out of the country for stamping?
how do I know, that I need to go out of the country for stamping?
if I go out of the country for stamping for h4, what are the questions will they ask me,?
if they ask me about paystubs, what should i need to do? what should be my answer?

what is the answer I need to provide based on my current condition for the below?

Are you currently employed in the U.S.?
If so, please provide position title,
complete name and address of employer,
and dates of employment.
Please attach evidence of work authorization?