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L1A-->H1B, L2-->H4, H4-EAD Concurrent Filing

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  • L1A-->H1B, L2-->H4, H4-EAD Concurrent Filing


    I am on L1A in my 6th year with approved I-140. My wife is on L2 with EAD. She is currently working.

    I am planning to apply for H1B (CAP Exempt) with COS [Change of Status] along with H4 and H4 EAD.

    I want to ensure minimal employment interruption for my wife. So my questions are:

    - Will all the 3 petitions going to be approved simultaneously? If no, When does the EAD clock start?
    - If H1 and H4 COS is approved before H4EAD, I understand she cannot work on L2 EAD any more. But how long we may have to wait?
    - Also, Does going out of country and coming back on L1A while the H1B COS is in progress enforce CP?

    Much appreciate any advice or similar experience!

    Thank You