hi guys,

Hope you're all doing well.
I am transferring my H1 from company A(consulting) to company B(Full Time). Petition was filed last week, so waiting for receipt.

I submitted 3 paystubs in total from Jan - May (5 months)

Pay stub 1: Jan
Pay stub 2: March
Pay stub 3: Feb - May (This is one pay slip covering Feb 1st to May 31st)

So here are my questions,

1) Will uscis ask why the pay stubs were run this way? (real reason is I was on bench from Feb - April, what can be done if asked?)

2) Gross earnings mentioned on pay stub from Feb - May matches with my LCA, however net pay seems a bit lower than LCA (will this be a problem?)

3) What are the percentages for a) Approval b) RFE c) Denial

Please advice by providing answers to the best of your knowledge.
Also in case of RFE, what do you think uscis will ask for? I am really hoping this will not lead to consular processing :|