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H1B Visa Stamped - Need suggestion

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  • H1B Visa Stamped - Need suggestion


    I'm working for one of the India based MNC, who has filed H1B (FY 2016-17) for me. It is approved and I got my VISA stamped in Feb-2017. Right now there is no US opportunities for me in current account and due to certain constraint I can't change the account/company. Hence I got a counter offer to initiate UK VISA(LT-CoS) and travel to UK meanwhile account will search for US position.

    1. I have valid H1B stamped VISA till June-2018.
    2. My passport will expire in May-2018.

    So based on above scenario I have few queries:

    1. Is it feasible to initiate UK VISA if I already hold a valid stamped US visa?

    2. What will happen to my US VISA; I mean my petition will end by June next year which is same for VISA also and by that time if I'm not able to travel to US then what will happen?

    3. If I work in UK for 8-10 month i.e. till Feb-Apr 2018 and then search for any US option within company then will it be possible for me to travel to US since visa is only valid for 2-4 months. otherway what is the minimum remaining duration of visa a person can travel to US? Also in that case, do I need a renewed passport or my old passport will work?

    4. For scenario 3, do I need to return to India again if my petition location/client change to file amendment or it is possible from UK?

    5. Can I renewed my passport from UK by the time I am in UK and go to US?

    6. What if my company didn't turnout for US after my UK project finish and my petition/visa expires, can I have option to change the employer and asked them to file H1-B CAP exempt ?