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H1B Visa Holder (Indian) getting married to F1 Visa (European)

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  • H1B Visa Holder (Indian) getting married to F1 Visa (European)

    I am an H1B Visa holder (Indian). My I-140 got approved a few weeks back and now according to the lawyers, we need to wait for the priority date.

    I have been in a relationship with a Polish citizen who came to the US on J1 Visa initially and last year did a Change of Status to get an F1 VISA. Currently, she is on F1 VISA pursuing her degree. As of now, she does not have an F1 VISA stamped on her passport and just the change of the status. So if she leaves the country she will need to take a visa interview and get the F1 visa stamped.

    Now we are planning to get married in March 2018 but the visa issue seems to be pretty complex since we both are from different countries and present in the US on different visas. We are planning to have our wedding ceremony in India and have few questions about visa regulations. Any help will be appreciated.

    1. If we go to India in Feb she will be taking off in middle of a school quarter and will possibly end up not attending a quarter which will void her F1 visa. Is this correct?
    2. Once we go to India and get married. I have to get my H1B stamped in India (I don't have a stamp as of now). What visa will she need to apply for?
    3. Can she apply it in India or she has to apply it in her home country Poland?
    4. Will leaving school in the middle of a quarter be considered as a negative impact on maintaining F1 visa status and can it affect the chances of getting another visa like H4?
    5. Since we are from different countries and on different visa status where should we get our marriage registered?

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