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H1 denied under 6c

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  • H1 denied under 6c

    I had been in usa from 2010 on F1 and transferred to H1 from F1 in 2013. Few months into my H1B, i switched employers to a consulting company who misrepresented my work location by telling me it is okay to show different work location while i was deployed at a client site. The USCIS officers contacted me and met where i told them about the actual scenario when i realised it was not correct to show diff work location. I wanted the USCIS to investigate against my ex employer, and the officers promised me nothing would happen to my visa and i should switch employers asap. I did so and the H1 transfer went thru smooth and stamping was a cakewalk too. I returned to US after successful stamping in 2015, and tried to switch employers. To my surprise my H1 transfer got denied. Few months later my current employer filed H1 extension for me, which got partially approved, which means the extension came without an i94. I travelled to india for stamping where my visa was denied under 6c. I hired a lawyer and filed for a 212d3 waiver which got denied too. I am stuck in india since 8 months with no success on te waiver. The consulate is not even forwarding my waiver application to the ARO. Please help me on what i should do next. How can i proceed.