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H4 to H1b Status Change and Tranfer

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  • H4 to H1b Status Change and Tranfer

    My wife has got an H1B which came in lottery in 2013.
    She has traveled to US during 2014-2015.
    During her stay, her visa was extended till Nov 2017.

    She came back to India in December 2015.
    Now currently, to travel again, she got an amendment filed from same employer for different client/location which got acknowledged in June 17.

    Since her extended visa was not stamped, so before going for stamping in July 17,she got to know that the approval notice for extension is missing/lost.
    As per employer she can't go for stamping interview or travel on xerox copy. Her appointment got cancelled from employer.

    As per employer, applying duplicate copy would take 3-4 months.
    Also the amendment petitions's approval notice won't come sooner, it might take another 2-3 months.

    Her Visa would be expired by that time.

    Now all we have are 2 options :

    Either get her visa extended from offshore.

    Or Since I also have an H1b and I am at onshore, I can bring her on H4.

    In order to work here on the H1B which she's possessing, I have certain questions :
    Can we find an employer who offers a job and would understand this case and file cap-exempt H1b transfer for her to USCIS.
    Would the already going case with previous employer be revoked. If yes, what happens to the amendment petition which was filed?
    If it doesn't get revoked, would it be fine for new employer to file cap-exempt visa transfer without issues?

    Suggestions would be highly appreciated.