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H4 application - Vancouver - 221g

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  • H4 application - Vancouver - 221g


    I am in a tricky situation regarding my H4 interview and would really appreciate any advice regarding the matter. Details below.

    >> I was working on OPT for 2.5 years. My OPT expired on June 26 2017
    >> I decided to go to H4 status after that as my wife has her H1B and I-140 approved.
    >> I had my H4 interview on July 24 2017 in Vancouver.
    >> I left USA on July 22 2017, which is well within the 60 day grace period.

    >> I appeared for the H4 interview and provided all documents they asked.
    >> They asked a couple of questions too:
    >> Date of graduation.
    >> OPT end date.
    >> Marriage date. (also looked at the certificate).
    >> The interviewer then said: "We need to run your information through the system to determine your duration of stay in US. I am not giving you a visa today, but your confirmation should come back in a day or 2. The form I am giving you says visa denied, but that is just a formality. Do not worry about that'.
    >> He then handed me a form that said my application was under administrative processing under 221g and there is no guarantee regarding the duration it might take. The form has a link that says the processing might take a few weeks or more.

    >> At this point I do not know what to do.
    >> Has anyone faced this situation before? Any advice will be deeply appreciated.
    >> Any idea when will I get the passport back? Until then, I am stuck in Canada.
    >> Should I contact Indian embassy if my passport does not come back in a week? I cannot live in Canada indefinitely in tourist visa.

    Any advice will be deeply appreciated.

    Amartya Datta Gupta