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Sudden H1B job loss + Incorrect I-94 expiry is fast approaching + Other complications

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  • Sudden H1B job loss + Incorrect I-94 expiry is fast approaching + Other complications

    Hi friends,

    I am in a fix and looking for some helpful advice.
    Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

    In 2015, successful transfer and H1B extension was done till 2018
    • My I-797 from company_A was valid from year 2014 to 31st August 2017
    • In late 2015 I starting working with a new company_B
    • My I-797 from company_B was valid from year 2015 to 31st August 2018

    Passport and I-94 weren't updated to reflect 2018 and remained marked with 2017
    (my bad, hope others learn from this)
    • But my passport stamp still had petitioner as company_A and h1b stamp expiry as 31st August 2017
    • During a recent trip to India and then return back to the US, I couldn't get my passport restamped due to time constraints and personal emergencies
    • When re-entering the US, CBP officers just saw my passport and marked the 'valid until date' in my latest I-94 to 10-September-2017
    • (I now understand it was my mistake, I should have also shown CBP officers my company_B's I-797 and gotten them to give me an I-94 till 10-September-2018)

    Sudden job loss
    • Company_B had semi-mass layoffs, and I lost my job with them in the process.
    • My latest paystub is dated 31st July 2017.
    • I have successfully interviewed since then, and one Company_C has told they will file LCA and new H1b transfer and extension petition. They just started the LCA process as of 10th August 2017.
    • Given that the current administration has all h1b priority processing suspended, there are very high chances I will not get a company_C H1B transfer and extension done before my I-94 expires.

    My Questions/Doubts
    1. Should I go to CBP with company_B's I-797 and request that my latest I-94 be corrected and the 'valid until date' be changed to 10-September-2018? Will they say since you lost job with company_B none of their papers are valid now, and won't update my I-94? Should I just go and NOT tell them I lost job with company_B .. if they don't ask?
    2. Should I go tell everything honestly to CBP and ask them that since during last re-entry I couldn't get the correct I-94 expiry date, could they help me now? Will they do so based my latest paystubs and now-inactive company_B's I-797?
    3. If my company_C's LCA filing and H1B transfer and extension process takes longer, what should I do regarding my approaching I-94 expiry?
    4. Should I aggressively look for companies that have an LCA already filed and that can immediately start H1B process? Is there a way to find them?

    Thanks again for your help.