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DS-160 question for H1-B stamping

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  • DS-160 question for H1-B stamping

    I have working on H1B visa in USA since December 2010. I have to not travelled out of USA since then. I am filling DS 160 for H1-B stamping.

    I need help with these questions?

    (1) Have you made specific travel plans?

    I can answer YES as I know my return flight and I am returning with my family.

    I know my


    Arrival Flight

    Arrival City

    But what about: How to answer these?

    Date of Departure from US - don't know as may travel or get H1-B extended

    Departure Flight (If Known)

    Departure City - Not know, what if one moves

    Provide the locations you plan to visit in US - should it be local cities/suburbs where one will visit with work and shopping - how do you answer this asno plans where one will visit or go for Vacation?

    If I answer Have You Made Specific Travel Plans as NO then I answer as follows:

    Intended Date of Arrival: But I have actual booked tickets

    Intended length of Stay in US: x months (as per my H1-B validity)

    Address where you will stay in US: Home address in US

    I am answering Other Persons Traveling with You: Spouse and Kid

    I have specific plans with booked tickets to come to USA with family so I know my companions but I don't have specific plans about departure city, flight, date of departure or places I will visit? So how should I answer this question.

    Please Help!

    (2) Have you travelled to any countries/regions within the last five years?

    I have not travelled out of USA for last 6 years. So how do I answer this question?

    (3) I am filling my visa application form DS-160 and noticed following:

    My Employer is XYZ Healthcare Associates LLC. That's the name filled in on H1-B application forms by lawyer.

    On my H1-B approval notice (I-797), it says XYZ Healthcare Assoc LLC

    Instead of Associates it says Assoc - is it because there is character limit and USCIS can not fit all of it? It says Assoc at various places where my Petitioners name is.

    And what should I fill in my visa application form DS-160, XYZ Healthcare Associates LLC (complete name) v/s XYZ Healthcare Assoc LLC (as on H1-B Approval notice) ?