I am currently in US under H4 without EAD. I would like to enrol in a Masters program. I have a Social Science Background from India with a 3 years experience as a Social Media Analyst, and I am pretty sure that job availabilities for that particular field with H1 sponsorship is very very minimal.
1. I would like to understand which courses has the prospects of fetching me a job and, which I might be eligible to enrol with my present background.
2. If not, what are the possibilities of enrolling in Data Science or Software engineering (I understand that US has a pre-requisites scheme that might be helpful) with my background.
3. Is Masters in UX or UI a good enough field for fetching me a company that would Sponsor my H1B?

This problem has been a thorn on my side preventing me from taking a proper decision. I would greatly appreciate any sort of clarity that can be provided for this.