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I-140 Approved & H1B visa is getting expired in an year

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  • I-140 Approved & H1B visa is getting expired in an year

    Hi All,

    I would like to know few points that I couldn't get a clear document or advice from my colleagues or superiors or google regarding I-140 approval and H1B visa renewal.

    1) My I-140 approved last week and I wanted to apply for H4-EAD for my spouse. What could be H4-EAD validity period? Is it going to be till my visa validity? i.e Sept 2018?
    2) Since my I-140 is approved, should I need to request my employer to extend my visa (2nd 3-year term)? If so, should I need to re-apply for H4-EAD as well?
    3) Currently I get a low salary and when I asked about matching it with the value mentioned under Prevailing wage (PERM application) my employer said "Salary as per PERM application is applicable at the time when the person gets a green card. That means at the time of I-485 application or conversion of status." Is it TRUE? if so, should I need to wait for such a long time? (current date is Jul 08 for India,EB2)
    4) Say I received H4-EAD and my spouse started working and I got H1B Extension (another 3 more years) . What happens if I change job? I understood I can retain my priority date(if I stay with the current employer for 180 working days!!!), should I need to re-apply H4-EAD?
    5) Is it possible to apply for I-485 now or I need to wait till my current date reaches?