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traveling h1b extension pendion

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  • traveling h1b extension pendion

    Dear all

    In really need your help

    I would really appreciate your comments

    i have a few question and hope yo can give me your best advice and comments

    First my status:

    1. I have an H1B visa which will be expiring september 10 th 2017 ( First 3 years)

    2. I also have an approve I-140
    3. The I485 is pending; I already received the EAD and Advance parole card
    4. My company also decided to renew the h1b visa 2 weeks ago; I already have the receipt for the extension (3 years). However, it is still pending
    5. Both i-140 and h1b is with the same company

    I will be traveling for labor day weekend; returning september the 5 2017 ( 5 days before my h1b visa expires)


    1. Will I have any problem at the POE with entering as an h1b visa since i will be returning 5 days before my visa expires? or by showing the receipt that the extension is in process i will be ok?

    2. As far as I know the officer will allow my entry until the day that the visa expires which will be only 5 days after my arrival. what happen after my i-94 expires after i return to usa? I am covered by having the application of extension of stay pending (h1b); or I will be covered by having the EAD and advance parole card; or by both

    3. Is there any implication in my h1b case renewal if i travel while the extension is pending and returning 5 days before my visa expire? The question is because when you apply for renewal you submit your last I-94 in order to extend it; However. on September 5th when I return to USA i will have another different I-94. Will i be ok?

    4. Is there any implication on my i-485 case by traveling while h1b extension and I485 PENDING??

    5. To sum up; can I travel?