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Reporting H1-B Fraud, money laundering against American eomployer

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  • Reporting H1-B Fraud, money laundering against American eomployer


    I am aware of an Immigration Visa (H1-B etc) Misuse/ Fraud by an American company targeting international workers. I really want to report this to as many authorities as possible so that some practical action is taken against them. As the owners not only exploit the careers of ambitious people they also do international money transfers for this and have a long History of going against law too. It could be going on for years now and figures could be in millions.

    So, I need some information as to:

    1. How this should be done so that authorities not only thoroughly take actions against the company and owners but also there is maximum penalty and punishment so that they are effectively barred from doing such things for good ?

    2. What authorities at state level and national level should be informed regarding this (like Dept of Labor etc ?). Company location is WA state ?

    3. As it involves money transfers / money laundering and international accounts, will reporting to IRS or FBI be feasible and what is effective process to do that ? I have their international account details too.4. I prefer to report this anonymously. Is that advisable and how can that be done ?

    5. I am not in a position to go legal if required, in that case what would be best way to raise the issue if all of the above does not work out.

    Any information relevant would be very helpful. Please advise me on this.

    Thanks a lot.