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H1-b Visa Issued but Embassy not returning my ORIGINAL I-797

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  • H1-b Visa Issued but Embassy not returning my ORIGINAL I-797


    I had my Consulate Interview on 1st March, 2017 in New Delhi. After my interview Consulate Officer handed me 221(g) form and asked for my passport, Original I-797, Original I-129, LCA and other documents.
    On 23rd June, 2017 I received my passport back without stamped with a new 221(g) form only.

    I received an email on 31st August,2017 to submit my passport for stamping. My visa was issued on 7th September, 2017 and I received my stamped passport at my pickup location on 11th September, 2017.
    I received my passport only. My Original I-797 is still with US Embassy.

    I have written multiple times to US Embassy about my Original I-797 and I am getting repetitive reply that they do not retain(keep) original documents once visa is issued and I should contact my petitioner. My Petitioner is in USA he doesn't have my Original I-797 neither he can provide me a duplicate copy right away.

    Embassy has wasted my 25 weeks in inquiry and now this unnecessary delay is adding more to it.

    I would appreciate if you can suggest me what can I do to get my original I-797 back from Embassy?