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Visa change from H1B to H4

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  • Visa change from H1B to H4

    I am an indian and currently on H1B in IT industry and would like to change my vocation and pursue culinary arts education.
    My current employer is filing PERM for me right now and my husband also has his own approved I-140.
    I have the following questions:
    1) Should I go on H4 visa so that I can study culinary arts and then work in culinary industry?
    2) Should I wait till I get my I-140 approved and then change to H4 so that I have my Greencard date in hand? If I go dependent on my husband's greencard application I will get the EAD sooner since his was filed earlier. So is there any point in waiting till my I-140 is approved and then changing to H4?
    3) Does anyone have any contacts in culinary industry who can give me some guidance and wish to share their contact info?

    Thanks for your help!