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H1B Transfer from India after gap of 2+ years.. Please help

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  • H1B Transfer from India after gap of 2+ years.. Please help

    Hi All,

    My H1B Petition approved with employer A ( was working for 6+ years in india) in Oct 2012 for 1 year and visa is stamped in Dec 2012 to match the petition validity of Oct 2013. I traveled to usa on h1b Aug 2013 stayed in USA till May 2014. my petition revised for 1 year till Oct 2014 while i was in USA. I had a quick visit to India in between during Feb 2014 for vacation of 2 weeks and had H1B stamping in India to match revised petition of Oct 2014.

    I returned to india in May 2014 and resigned employer A from India office in July 2014. I have taken career break for 2+ years. I have Joined Employer B in india from May 2017 to till Today.

    Please advise on

    1. DO I eligible for Cap Exempt H1B Transfer. do i require any other pre requisites for H1B transfer.

    i would like to request my current employer "B" to review my profile for US opportunities. i have opportunities in USA matching my skill sets.

    2. I have worked for one year on H1B (2012 TO 2013) and can i work for 5 more years till 6 year quota is reached.. please help

    3. I am eligible for premium processing of H1B.

    your suggestions will surely helps to pursue my career in USA.


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    Hi Vishwa,

    Were you able to process cap exempt H1B transfer? Because I am in a similar situation now.

    I am currently in India, on a career break for last 1.5 years. I returned from USA in Feb 2017 and my H1B expired in Mar 2019. Since I have 2.5 more years for H1B max out, I am planning to look for job opportunities in USA to resume my career.

    Thanks in advance.


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      Hi Raja and Vishwa,

      I am Sreedhar. I am also in the same situation. Could you please help me how to apply for H1B transfer with employment gap from India.

      Thank you Both in Advance