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Looking for H1B Visa sponsor (Cap Exempted) - i140 Approved

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  • Looking for H1B Visa sponsor (Cap Exempted) - i140 Approved

    Hi Friends,

    I have H1B from an Employer A and GC processed and got my i140 approved with priority date as January 2016. As my 6 years of stay is completed , applied for an extension of stay on July 11,2016. After a prolonged wait period, got an RFE in January 2017 stating to provide more documentary evidences. My employer responded with exhaustive list of documentary evidences including photos at client location, Medical Insurance cards, Driving License, ID Cards from the end client and later moved to premium processing as it is being delayed too much. At this time, unfortunately the extension has been denied stating insufficient client letter and employee - employer relationship. I have been working at the same location from past 7 years and same project from past 4 years. Still got denied. As now i am not having any valid status, my employer tried to go for MTR (motion to reopen) but could not as the client denied to provide the modified client letter. After this tried for various consultancies who are willing to transfer my H1, but all of them did not turned back after initial negotiation. As i am out of status, my employer asked me to move out of country to avoid out of status issues. at the same time premium processing has been revoked from 1st April 2017.

    After this i spoke to Attorney ****** ****** from ****** Law Firm on how to proceed further. she said that any employer can file for H1B (Cap exempted) and continue with my GC process as well. I have tried with few consultants but went in vain as no one is responding back. Can anyone help me let me know if any good employers are there who can process my H1 (cap exempted) as now premium processing is enabled again from October, 3rd 2017. Any help would be highly appreciated.

    FYI, i am having around 16+ Years of Total IT experience, 5 Years as SQL Server DBA, 10+ years as Support Analyst Lead.