Here is my senario, Can any one please give me an advice on this.

1.I came to US thru the employer A with an approved I797B on Feb 2016.

2. Moved to a different employer B. After one year, I moved from employer B to another employer C. Mean while employer B has revoked the petition with them (the validity of the I-797A- revoked by employer B is till July/2019).

3.The H1B transfer (I129 petition) with my current employer C is still pending for the approval(it has been in status application received status for 4 months ).
Also the petition with my first employer A (I-797B and I94 is still valid and didn't revoke by my first employer A) valid.

Now as the project with Employer C is going to ramp down I need to find another job and need to move out of my current employer C, as my current employer C has given the notice to me stating that my last working day to be in two weeks. After this date employer is going to file withdrwal of petition.

My question :

1.Is it possible to move out of my current C employer and file a new H1B transfer petition with the new employer D with the receipt notice of I-I129 (I-797C) from the current employer C ?
2. If the answer to my question 1 is "Yes", then what are the documents I need to have for a new H1B transfer (I-129) if I find another employer
3. If the answer to my question 1 is "No", then what are the options I have?