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H1 RFE on pay stubs

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  • H1 RFE on pay stubs

    I got RFE recently asking my pay stubs. Previously my H1 got approved for client in San Diego CA in April 2016. In Aug 2016 I got a new project in SFO CA and moved to SFO. I have applied for amendment and it was approved. Later in April I moved to PA state and worked remotely for the same SFO client so my employer from April pay he changed the address in the pay stub to PA and ran the pay for the PA state. In Aug 2017 the project finished and I got a new project in NY. Currently I am working in NY and I have applied the amendment and I got the RFE to provide the pay stubs from the previous amendment till date. Will there be any issue if I provide both CA and PA pay stubs? Can someone please let me know what is the best way I can answer to the query. My employer is not sure how to answer the query.


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    There could be a problem.

    If you were working in a different location and running payroll from there, your employer should have got new LCA from a new location.
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